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Team VisionCast has developed a system where team members can get their own business website for as low as $75 per year. Your website is fully yours and can be customized however you like! The best part is that within minutes of signing up, you will have a beautiful, complete website! These websites are designed to be used as sales tools and news outlets by team members! Get started now or read on to find out more!

Why Do You Need Your Own Site?

Boost Sales

For those people who just can’t make the decision to join the business on the spot or need to talk to their spouse, send them to your personal branded and mobile friendly website!

Mobile Friendly

Your site will be responsive — meaning that it formats itself to be displayed in the best way possible no matter what device it is being viewed on! Your site will be able to keep up with the busy lifestyles we all live.

Brand Yourself

Start developing your personal “brand”. Logo, colors, your target market, etc. People follow inspiring, motivated leaders — share your mission and where you are taking your business!

Connect w/ People

Share your experiences, photos, and insights on your homepage and through your included blog to develop a personal connection with everyone who visits your site.

How Do You Get Started?

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Step 1

Sign Up!

Choose Your Package:

Basic – $75/year

Compact Details
  • Beautiful website that is fully functional and designed within minutes of signing up
  • Responsive web design: your website automatically formats itself to display in the best way possible depending on what device it is viewed on.
  • Pre-built Isagenix homepage with slideshow and video library
  • You get a personal blog that allows you to post news, photos, and videos
  • No phone or email support (if you need assistance you can watch video tutorials that we have provided, upgrade to the Basic Plus+ package, or enlist TheSiteEdge to help at their hourly rate of $55/hour)

See full detail list

Basic Plus+ – $360/year

  • Get everything from the Basic package
  • Get Priority Support from TheSiteEdge if you are having problems with website maintenance (phone and email support with 24 hour guaranteed turnaround time)
  • Google Analytics: see how many people are visiting your website and how they are interacting with it.
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Step 2

Add Your Contact Info To Your Website

Once your site has been created, follow the simple steps in your website’s back office (or dashboard) to add your personal contact information to your website.

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Step 3

Watch Video Tutorials

You have access to one of the most complete libraries of video tutorials on the market!  Using our websites is easy — make it easier by watching the videos.

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Step 4


Use your new knowledge on website maintenance to customize your site, write blog posts, add pictures, or build pages.  You can do (almost) anything you want with your website so make it your own!  If you are not comfortable customizing your site, but want some customizations made, feel free to give TheSiteEdge a call or go Premium.

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Features Of Our Websites

responsive design

Powerful Responsive Web Design

Our Development provides responsive and flexible design. All page layouts work perfectly on all devices, from large monitors to mobile phones. All elements are enhanced for Retina displays (new iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks have this type of ultra high resolution display), so they look clean and sharp on modern gadgets.

Never again will you need to worry about whether or not someone is at their computer — now they can sign up under you on the go!

Fully Functional and Beautiful Website Upon Signup!

As soon as you sign up, you will have a fully-functional website at your fingertips!  It comes out of the box with a pre-built homepage featuring Isagenix videos and products, a blog so you can share your story with the world, a video library, an image gallery, and a featured products page.

We know you are busy, so that’s why we have done 99% of the work for you!  Oh, and we are not finished yet – we will be continuously building new features that will be automatically added to your website even after you sign up!  Feel free to contact TheSiteEdge if there is a feature you would like to see added in to the package — if we get a few requests for the same feature we will build it in as an included feature.  Otherwise we will give you a quote on how long it would take us to add it to your site specifically.

sty cyan boxed

Color Schemes

The only limit to your color choices is your imagination!  There are a couple options here:

  • Go with a predefined color scheme that we have set up
  • Start with a color scheme that we have set up and easily customize certain colors from there


Website Maintenance Training Available

We do the heavy lifting early on so it is easy for you to maintain!  No messy code, no technical experience needed!

If you are looking to customize your website or simply want to better understand how to maintain it, TheSiteEdge will train you on how to make changes and post blogs, pictures, or videos to the website.  You have full control over the site so you are able to add pages if and when you please.

We have incorporated a special tool that makes constructing pages easy as can be.  It is called Visual Composer and it allows you build pages in a more visual manner!  You have a much better idea of how everything will look once you make it go live on the site!


Local Technical Support

If a problem should arise, TheSiteEdge will be there to make sure it is resolved as quickly as possible.  TheSiteEdge is the Minneapolis web design firm responsible for constructing this network, building the websites, providing the web hosting, and handling technical issues as they happen.

Be sure to select the Basic Plus+ package if you will need email and phone support from TheSiteEdge.  If you just go with the Basic package, you will have the video tutorials at your disposal and will be charged an hourly rate of $55/hour for support requests.

Testimonials for TheSiteEdge

In an age where connectivity and exposure have become necessary ingredients to a venture’s success, The Site Edge has created a winning formula for businesses to attain a dynamic social media front without the headaches normally associated with such a process. Sam and Nicole add a welcomed touch of personal attentiveness and care that is all too lacking in the technology industry; they possess a rare ability to both execute and teach their craft. Under The Site Edge’s guidance, our website has reached tens of thousands more people than our former model and has been effectively integrated into other social network platforms. Further, all of the development and improvements were achieved without distraction from our business’ other needs. The Site Edge model is best described with three words: Ease, efficiency, and excellence.
David Webb, Owner, Good Day Cafe (Bad Day Bar)

GET STARTED today, have a website in MINUTES! Take the next step!